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Horse riding holidays on our endless beach in Tarifa with stunning views over to Africa's North coast

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1 hour Beach ride "Playa de los Lances"

Make your dream come true and enjoy the endless beaches and the little pine-wood west of Tarifa. Beginners can experience a leisurely walk and advanced riders an exhilarating gallop with our experienced guides. The beach and the adjacent nature reserve is used as a stop-over by various bird species before migrating to Africa.
Daily10:00am 14 :00am,  :1600pm, 18:00pm. 
Duration: 1 hr (Please ask for our 5 hours bonus)

2 hour Beach- Mountain ride: A great combination of beach and mountains riding. A great ride.


30 €

Private lessons, Horses or Ponies
Duration: 1 hr    

Pony rides: A great opportunity for the little ones to get into contact with the world of the ponies. Alandrino-Apache and Malik are waiting for you
Duration 1/2 -1 hr 

Pony Playgroup: Every Sunday 2h from 10-12h and 12-14h . and bring a pick nick for the kids. Age 2-6 Years old




10 € 20



Half day and day trips

A nice way to discover the region of Tarifa. Please see details for each
trip in the weekly program below. You should be comfortable at all three
paces . Picnic/lunch or drink included. Prices per person.

Half-day-ride Santuario de la Luz, mountain ride: 3 hrs 70 €
Half-day-ride Sand dune: 3 hrs 70 €
All-day-ride Cork Tree Forest Los Alcornocales: 5 hrs 80 €
All-day-ride Atlantic ride to Paloma Baja: 5 hrs 80 €

All day excursion to Jerez: Royal Riding School and Sherry Bodega

80 €

Weekly Relax Program : Our flexible Program of 10 hours riding

Weekly riding Program  the ultimate horse riding experience

 A great opportunity to discover the unspoilt corners of our stunning
region by horse back. The combination of white sandy beaches, the hills of the national park with panoramic views over to Africa is breathtaking. A
cultural highlight is our day out in Jerez, which includes the show of 'The
Dancing Horses'  at the Royal School of Equestrian Art. This gives you the
chance to admire the most highly schooled, beautiful Andalusian stallions.
We ride 3-5 hours a day in small groups and you should be confident in all three paces.You will have your own horse for the week and become fully involved in grooming and tacking up.
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Non riders / extended holiday
IDiscover even more of this lovely corner of Spain.

We book  following activities for you:
-Additional riding or lessons.
-Day trip and shopping at a bazar in Morocco (Tanger) . Tickets can be organized at Aventura Ecuestre
-Dolphin and Whale watching -Tickets can be organized at Aventura Ecuestre
-Learn Spanish at our well known Spanish school in Tarifa
-Learn to Kite and Windsurf : www.Tarifasmile.com





Playa de los Lances, Tarifa, Africa

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